My Work

Some of My Recent Work… and What My Clients Are Saying About It

Below are some examples of my recent projects.  Where my contract allows, I’ve provided a link to the work.  While I wrote many technical reports and marketing materials during my 18-year career in the Defense Industry, most of that work cannot be linked here for proprietary reasons.

If you’d like additional samples of my work or want to know if I’ve worked in an area not listed here, please contact me.

Financial Copywriting

“Jon most certainly has the talent for the tough, challenging copy we write in the financial niche.”

Paul Hollingshead, AWAI Co-founder and Master Copywriter

I’ve been investing my own money for well over a decade.  In that time, I’ve come to trust the guidance of many investment newsletter companies and editors.

I’ve personally subscribed to products from Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Weiss Research, The Oxford Club and other newsletters from the AGORA Publishing family.  I’ve also been an Alliance Member with Stansberry Research for over a decade.

Now, I’m leveraging my knowledge of the products and understanding of the prospects to write for the industry as well:

Roadmap to Success series for B2B Writing Success

Leveraging my project management background as an engineer, I wrote a short series on project management fundamentals for freelancers.  When done in moderation, project management fundamentals can be used to efficiently manage your business without becoming a burden.

The Project Management Roadmap to Success series covered five core topics:

  • Defining Project Scope – The first step in your Project Management Roadmap is to clearly define the project scope. Just one of the benefits is a happier client!
  • Blocking Out Time for a Project Schedule – Scheduling a project is as much about how it fits into your overall schedule as it is about how long it will take to complete each task.
  • Pricing the Project – When pricing your project, there are many factors you should consider as a freelance business owner, including knowing your cost.
  • Delivering a High-Quality Project – Delivering a high-quality project will wow your client and position you for more work with them. Check these things before you press “Send.”
  • A Process for Success – The final step in the project management process is properly closing out the project so your client is primed to hire you again. Here’s how.

“I LOVE the roadmap. Your perspective is very different than most writers and I find that refreshing.”

Charlotte Crockett, Managing Editor – B2B Writing Success

Ghostwritten Website Content

I’ve written web content and blog posts with keyword insert to support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for several companies.  While my contracts don’t allow me to disclose the links, here are the comments from my customers.

  • A long-form informative post on the oil and gas investment outlook for 2015.  This piece was completed as a blog post for a company that consults with individuals and companies seeking to invest in oil and gas exploration.

“Thanks for your post! This was excellent and very informative…exactly what we’re looking for!”

  • A long-form informative post on lean manufacturing in the oil and gas industry for a company that supplies plastic-based products to the industry.

“Great work, Jon! This was very well-researched and your keyword insertions were flawless.”